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Nelson King Faces Continued Challenges at Brands Hatch

Following a tough season opener at Donnington Park, Nelson King arrived at Brands Hatch for the second round of the championship with renewed determination. Despite extensive modifications to his car, initial tests were inconclusive, leaving doubts about whether the issues had been fully resolved.

During qualifying, Nelson demonstrated his usual focus and persistence but continued to experience the mechanical difficulties that had hindered him previously. He ended the session at the back of the pack, significantly off the pace. Reflecting on the session, Nelson commented:

“I gave it everything I had. We attempted some adjustments to improve handling, but it seems another issue is holding us back. I’m confident the team will address this before the first race. Despite starting on the back foot, I'll strive to make up ground.”

Starting 14th in the first race, Nelson executed several impressive overtakes, climbing to seventh place. He managed to fend off competitors, despite the car's performance deficits. Nelson shared his mixed feelings post-race:

“I’m pleased with the positions I gained today, though it's frustrating to pilot a car that lacks power. I had some intense battles, including a slight clash with my teammate Nathan, which was unfortunate.”

Subsequently, a race steward review led to Nelson receiving a one-position penalty, demoting him to eighth place after swapping positions with Nathan.

The team worked late into the night to replace Nelson’s engine, hoping to rectify the 20 BHP deficit that plagued him on Saturday. In Sunday’s race, Nelson started tenth but surged to fourth place, challenging the lead group. After a safety car period, he fought hard for a podium finish but eventually settled for fifth. Nelson reflected on his performance:

“We made significant progress today, advancing to fourth. However, challenging the top three was tough; they consistently pulled away on corner exits. I didn’t resist Nathan too fiercely towards the end—given the power gap, it was unrealistic to hold the position.”

In the weekend’s final race, Nelson, starting from twelfth, executed a strong start and daringly overtook two competitors in the second turn. He maintained contention for fourth place, ultimately finishing sixth. Despite the ongoing struggles with power, Nelson remained optimistic:

“After another challenging weekend, we have considerable work ahead before Snetterton. However, with the continued support from Laser Tools Racing, I’m eager to return stronger. Once we resolve these power issues, we’ll be truly competitive"


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